Wood Fired Oven 100% made in Florence -Tuscany - Italy

Pizza Party 70x70 the FIRST portable wood fired oven in the world in 1998!

pizza oven Pizza Party

Wood fired oven Pizza Party 70x70 and 52x50

Indoor and outdoor wood fired pizza oven with high strength refractory bricks hob (floor). Thanks to the special ecological insulation, to the special coating and to the to exhaust internal geometries, we developed a wood fired pizza oven that is both easy to use and highly functional at the same time. The high efficiency has allowed a reduction of the size, making it compact and convenient maintaining all the qualities of a bigger and bulkier masonry wood fired pizza oven. Easy to carry, thanks to it' s 50 kg (110 lb.) weight, it can be used indoors in winter and outdoors in the summer. Excellent for pizzas, roast meats and desserts, it only takes three kilograms of fuel for every hour of use (6.5 Pounds per hour). It takes only 20-30 minutes to reach the working temperature.
Lightweight is without any doubt a primacy when compared to its competitors. This deemed crucial in order to be independent in the movements of the wood fired pizza.
HEATING TIME: just 20 minutes to bring the oven to temperature. This can be achieved thanks to the steel dome that reflects heat on refractory floor.

pizza party

Why choice pizza oven Pizza Party

Reasons why the Pizza Party wood fired oven represents the best choice for you
REASON 1 The Pizza Party 70x70 is the first truly portable traditional wood-fired pizza oven
REASON 2 Because we save our customers money by selling direct to you, with no middleman involved
REASON 3 The Pizza Party 70x70 is the lowest priced wood-burning oven, for domestic use, on the market
REASON 4 Because it is an energy efficient product with very low running costs
REASON 5 Being the 5 years of testing the product has undergone, to guarantee you the best quality in a portable wood-burning oven
REASON 6 Because it is easy to order from the manufacturer direct and will arrive at your home ready to use, without the need for brickwork, rendering or planning permission.
REASON 7 Because it saves you time, reaching cooking temperature for pizza in just 20 minutes unlike other wood-burning ovens that can sometimes take an hour or more to heat up
REASON 8 It is easy to build-in, should you wish to do so, as it comes to you already insulated
REASON 9 It is a wood burning oven not just for making pizza. It is also ideal for making bread, roasts or sweets
REASON 10 Pizza Party will help you rediscover the pleasure of traditional and authentic Italian cuisine

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Pizza Party High Quality Certified for Food

Pizza Party has always been synonymous of quality and efficiency.. The products are easy to recognize by Pizza Party written on the lower part of the front of the pizza ovens, and is the warrantee of its excellent quality. In fact, Pizza Party has been patented. Our wood fired pizza ovens have the certificates for food, it is not essential, but for us it's to ensure the highest quality as possible to our clients.

Saving Money and best assistance by direct selling Producer-customers

We want to save you money!
We want to help you in product selection
We will advise you on how to use wood fired oven at his best
You are our best publicity!

In traditional distribution systems products price increases due to the intermediate steps that separate you from the manufacturer.
Going from the sales representative to the wholesale and finally to the store, the product price normally undergoes an increase of about 50-100%.
the savings for those who can benefit from direct sales is that buying directly from the manufacturer you will have the factory price, i.e. the best price!!!
Also be supported before, during and after purchase from the producer offers more guarantees, because ... who knows best the product better than who produces it?
With direct selling the quality is no longer a luxury ...is within everyone's reach!